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"Because Henry with an E was already taken"


          Born and raised east of Atlanta, Georgia, H3NRY is a full-time music producer and mixing engineer. He started his career as a recording engineer and has tracked vocals for Atlanta greats JID, Earthgang, Trinidad James, and more. To H3NRY, there is nothing more magical than being in the studio, so he took the leap of faith and invested in building out his own space. 

          Fast forward several years, he has countless recording sessions under his belt and tons of tracks mixed & mastered. H3NRY has taken all of that experience working with artists and helping mold their sound to build his own identity as a producer with a growing catalogue. In every sense of the word, he is the definition of a true collaborator and an invaluable part of the creative process. 

H3NRY Production

H3NRY Engineering


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